Due to snowfalls, Oukaimeden station is covered in white

Due to the snowfalls of March this year, Oukaimeden station is covered in white

April 13, 2024
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The Oukaimeden station (Al Haouz Province), located at an altitude of 2,700 meters, was dressed in white, bringing joy to the souls of residents and visitors, as well as farmers and tourism sector professionals.

This station, about 75 kilometers from the city of Marrakesh, provides its visitors, both Moroccans, and foreigners, with the opportunity to discover stunning natural landscapes as a result of the significant amounts of falling snow, which will inevitably give a boost to the tourism sector in the region, and contribute to nourishing the lakes and dams located there, which have suffered in recent years from deterioration. Lack of rainfall.

Due to snowfalls, Oukaimeden station is covered in white

Ten kilometers after reaching the entrance to the ski station, the captivating natural view began to attract onlookers. Flowing waterfalls fed by melting snow before hugging streams on the slopes of the mountains dazzle nature lovers and residents. A panoramic view furnished with pink villages, adds beauty to the winding road leading to Oukaimeden Station.

Despite waiting until the last week of March before snow announced its return in large quantities, this did not prevent the influx of foreign tourists and skiing and hiking enthusiasts in search of relaxation and enjoyment of the natural scenery and moments of happiness and relaxation with family or friends.

Easy access to the station, bright sun, blue sky, and various accommodation units, are all ingredients that come together to guarantee visitors an unforgettable experience in which the joy of ice skating is mixed with moments of joy, happiness, and a fun atmosphere.

This wonderful atmosphere was an opportunity for some to ride skateboards for the first time, while others who were accustomed to this hobby seized the opportunity to practice their hobby again, and many chose to use “skates” as alternatives to skating.

Ahmed, one of the people who regularly visit this winter station, said in a statement to the Maghreb Arab News Agency: “What happiness, we are having fun.” “The snow, although it fell late this year, brought us great relief.”

He added: “Oukaimeden gives us this amazing contrast in being able to see palm trees and the sun in the morning in Marrakesh, and enjoy the snow-covered peaks of the High Atlas during the afternoon, about an hour’s drive away.”

The same feeling was expressed by Ali Ait Lahj, an ice skating coach, who pointed out a significant influx of visitors to enjoy the snow and the beauty of the area, which has maintained its attractiveness despite the snowfall coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan, indicating that the local authorities are sparing no effort in reopening various… Road axes leading to this winter station and ensuring the safety and smooth flow of traffic.

He added that after four months of delay, the snow that covered the region in recent days (35 centimeters) raised hopes because of its positive impact on tourism and agriculture.

As for Mohamed Bou Hassan, an association activist, he pointed out that the snowfalls recorded in recent days will have a positive impact on the local population, which is particularly active in the agriculture and tourism sectors.

He added that Oukaimeden station has an important accommodation infrastructure that includes hotels open all year round, noting that in addition to practicing skiing and winter sports, the station allows visitors to discover various activities, especially hiking long distances surrounded by nature, and discovering rock sculptures (dating back to about 2100). Years BC…), ecotourism, and learning about a rich bouquet of regional products.

By the way, Boulahcen expressed his hope that more Moroccan and foreign visitors will flock to Oukaimeden and enjoy the charm and beauty of a tourist destination par excellence.

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