Ifrane, Switzerland, Morocco, is ranked among the ten most beautiful cities on the African continent

May 17, 2024
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The Moroccan city of Ifrane was ranked among the 10 most charming cities worth visiting, according to Do Traveler, the international platform specializing in travel and providing tourist advice and guidance. It is considered that Ifrane, although it enjoys a special charm during the summer, is exclusively more charming in the winter, as a homeland. Resorts located on the outskirts of Michlifen, equipped with ski runs in the snow-covered mountains.

The platform was inspired by the description prevalent in talking about Ifrane: the Switzerland of Morocco; It is a Moroccan city located at an altitude of more than 5,413 feet, highlighting the similarity between the Atlas Mountains in Ifrane and the Alps in Switzerland. She also appreciated the “authenticity” of the “amazing architecture, which was inspired by French colonialism at the time,” with the roofs of the houses still elegantly red and the flower gardens still colorful.

In response to the issue, Hamid bin Taher, President of the National Confederation of Tourism, said that Ifrane deserves this classification because it represents a distinguished offer, unique to it, Oukaimeden, and some regions of Beni Mellal and Azilal: mountain and winter snow tourism and the provision of fresh air, adding that this particularity has always constituted a space. It is particularly attractive to families, which is why the city has been able to achieve a tourism renaissance in recent years, which has helped introduce it.

Bin Taher added, in his statement to Hespress newspaper, that the architecture located in the bakeries made it form a special visual identity, supported by the modern infrastructure available there, stressing that the snow season revives this city and raises the hopes of those working in the tourism sector, and this is a challenge that the city faces because it is returning to the forefront as a tourist destination. In winter only, due to the skiing, adventure, sports tourism, and desire to explore.

The President of the National Confederation of Tourism stated that the city of Ifrane still faces many challenges in terms of its tourism marketing from the official side, and even in terms of highlighting its tourism offer and investing in it intensively. He added: The city needs the support of major investments in it, because it is quiet and can tempt visitors with the privacy it provides, whether in terms of atmosphere or even architecture, and it contains one of the largest cedar tree forests in the world.

The aforementioned speaker emphasized that the city’s residents, in turn, have a pivotal presence in the process of pushing the services provided to respectable and respectable levels, stressing that local values mixed with honesty, simplicity, generosity, and love for others are all profound Moroccan values that establish the city of Ifrane as a choice for Moroccan tourists, especially families. https://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com/tours/chefchaoune-and-fes-with-camel-trekking-in-merzouga/ Although the city, due to its colonial history, attracts many foreign tourists as well.

The city is beautiful and its tourism offer is distinct, so it is necessary to intervene to enrich this offer and diversify it further, by providing more alternatives and options, such as diversifying the sports tourism offer to include other sports, as well as encouraging the spirit of adventure offered by the city of Ifrane and neighboring cities, Bentaher stated, then added: Infrastructure Hotel services, in turn, must expand, with the creation of more shelters, to rid Ifrane tourism of its seasonal snow character, and making it a desirable destination throughout the year.

The most beautiful speaker said that what is in Ifrane constitutes a real temptation even for many foreign tourists, as this city has a diverse climate between snow, sun, and precipitation, concluding that its classification among the ten most beautiful African cities is a fact that does not bear much discussion, but we must contribute to What it offers is of international standards, just as many Moroccan tourist cities have successfully achieved.

It is noteworthy that the Jewel of the Atlas ranked alongside ten other African cities, including Lamu in Kenya, Tofo in Mozambique, and Sekondi-Takoradi in Ghana. The Do Travel platform said that Africa is a huge continent filled with many amazing destinations that are worth visiting all year round. From beautiful islands to mountains and huge national parks filled with enormous wildlife.

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