Morocco attracts Russian tourists to Africa

Morocco attracts Russian tourists to Africa

June 14, 2024
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Morocco, Egypt, and South Africa are the most popular tourist destinations for Russian tourists on the African continent, according to the latest figures revealed by Russian sector professionals to the Russian “RT” network.

In the past few years, the popularity of the Kingdom of Morocco has increased as a tourist destination for Russians, despite the weak demand on the African continent, compared to other regions, as Rabat accounts for 36.6 percent of reservations.

According to the same source, Russian tours on the African continent are often to Morocco, although Russian travel agencies include many countries in the list of offered destinations, such as Ethiopia, Cameroon, and Ghana.

The African continent represents a “small” percentage of the group of destinations preferred by Russians around the world, as it does not exceed 3 percent. However, this year the continent’s popularity has increased by approximately 38 percent, and the Kingdom of Morocco is at the top of the favorite destinations, followed by South Africa and Egypt.

According to data from the “OneTwoTrip” platform, the list of other African countries most popular among tourists from Russia includes Seychelles with 11.0%, Tanzania with 7.5%, Mauritius with 3.3%, Tunisia with 3.2%, then Kenya with 2.8%, and Namibia with 1.7%. .

Last March, the Russian government expressed its desire to allocate 11 direct flights to the Kingdom of Morocco, in order to meet the demand of Russian tourists for the Kingdom of Morocco as a preferred tourist destination on the African continent.

Because of the cost, the number of Russian tourists arriving to the Kingdom of Morocco decreased in 2019, so that Turkey and the Emirates remain the two preferred destinations. However, according to the aforementioned figures, and according to the expectations of professionals in the Russian tourism sector, it is possible that “Rabat will rise to the ranks of the most attractive international capitals for Russian tourists.”

The “Tourism Observatory” previously revealed that “the Kingdom attracted 6.5 million tourists during the first half of the current year, a record increase of more than 90 percent on an annual basis, due to the large influx of the Moroccan community residing abroad, as well as the entry of new tourists, similar to the Israelis.” .

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