How to Prepare & What to Pack before going on a Desert tour in Morocco

December 19, 2020
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Many tourists who are interested in buying or already have bought a Morocco desert tour ask for details of organizing the trip and about what they need to take with them. Especially on trips to the Moroccan desert. Being at a considerable distance from Marrakech and not be too tiring, excursions in the desert ( in Merzouga desert and Zagora desert ) are organized over two or three days (2 days Zagora tour from Marrakech, 3 days Merzouga tour from Marrakech).

Where we will meet on the morning of departure in the Morocco desert?

When you buy the tour we will note the address or you will complete it in the order form the address of the hotel or the place where you are staying and we will establish together the time you will be taken over in the morning by our team.

Every morning, at the time announced, our team will arrive at the hotel or the riad where you are staying to pick you up to go to the desert.

The departure to the desert begins in the morning after breakfast, so around 7:30 o’clock the tourists will be taken from their accommodation.

If you are staying in Old Medina and the minibus cannot enter each street, we will set a meeting point close to your accommodation or our driver will come personally to your hotel.

What do you pack for the desert trip?

how to prepare and what to pack before going on a desert tour in morocco

You can take your luggage with you, they will be safe in the minibus if later you will not return to the same accommodation. If you decide to leave your luggage securely in the hotel and ask what you need in the desert, then to feel comfortable, a backpack will be enough.

We are often asked what clothes are recommended to be worn in the desert, especially by ladies, in order not to offend locals. The answer is very simple: during summertime, light clothes with a jumper would do. In the wintertime, because in the desert it is very cold, warm clothes it is necessary. A sleeping bag with you is not necessary, because in tents desert is bedding and warm blankets to keep you warm.

During your camel trekking, to avoid your legs contacting the camel’s skin, it is recommended a pair of jeans or trousers. Also, sunglasses are highly recommended, especially in case your trip coincides with a sand storm. A scarf (you can buy on your way to the desert) will help you protect your hair, ears, and nose from the sand during the camel ride.

Where you will eat on the road?

Another question is where will you eat lunch on the road?
There will be stops for relaxation and lunch in areas where there are restaurants or cafes.
There will also be stops for photos and visits to the objectives announced in the program.

About Berber tents


If your Sahara desert tents have a common toilet and some basic shower, we recommend that you bring with you some torches as well as some wet towels for your comfort.

If you have opted for luxurious tents you will have everything you need to spend the night in the desert in the best conditions.

How can you protect yourself from the desert?

A scarf (you can buy on your way to the desert) will help you protect your hair, ears, and nose from the sand during the camel ride.

Water, sunscreen, phone, and camera battery chargers for amazing pictures!!!!

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