The history of Ait Ben Haddou Palace a world heritage site that strengthens the Moroccan tourist offer

The history of Ait Ben Haddou Palace a world heritage site that strengthens the Moroccan tourist offer

April 16, 2024
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Ait Ben Haddou Palace is located 30 kilometers from the city of Ouarzazate. It is a World Heritage site classified by UNESCO in 1987. Its construction dates back to the eleventh century AD, and it is distinguished by its unique architectural style, according to several historical novels and articles.

Ait Ben Haddou Palace, affiliated with the territorial influence of the Ait Zinn community, is a distinguished example of traditional Moroccan architecture. It consists of houses built with clay bricks and round roofs. It receives thousands of tourists from various countries of the world and Moroccan cities, as it is a world heritage site and a distinguished tourist destination in the Kingdom.

Many tourist guides in the region and those interested in the history of this palace revealed that the history of Ait Ben Haddou Palace dates back to the 11th century AD, explaining that the palace was part of the main trade caravan route that linked the Sahara Desert with North Africa and the Mediterranean Sea, noting that the strategic location of the palace made it a center. Commercially prosperous over the centuries.

In this context, a tour guide in the region said that Ait Ben Haddou Palace is distinguished by its unique architectural design represented by the accumulation of mud houses in the shape of a pyramid on the side of a valley, indicating that the architectural style of the palace and the planning of its construction had a defensive function to protect the palace’s residents in Past eras.

The natural diversity and rich cultural heritage make Ait Ben Haddou Palace an integrated tourist destination that combines cultural, natural, and historical aspects, stressing that tourism plays a pivotal role in preserving the cultural and natural aspects of the city. This historic palace indicates that this contributed. To promote awareness and pride among the residents of the palace in this world heritage site.

Several professionals in the tourism sector in Ait Ben Haddou Palace agreed that tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in the Ouarzazate region in general, and not just Ait Ben Haddou, stressing that tourism contributes significantly to the gross domestic product and provides job opportunities for decades.

These professionals reported, in identical statements, that the region, in general, has witnessed a noticeable recovery in the tourism sector, especially after a period of decline due to the coronavirus pandemic, highlighting that the recorded recovery confirms the need to continue efforts to develop and strengthen the tourism sector from all those involved, whether professionals or authorities. And the governmental and non-governmental sectors, especially since Morocco is about to organize the 2030 World Cup, in their words.

For his part, a tourist operator in the region, said: “There are instructions and directives issued by the regional authority, represented by the person working in the region, calling on the owners of tourism institutions and guides to make an effort to improve and develop the tourism sector in all regions of the region, to consolidate the honorable image of this.” The region is in the minds of tourists, whether Moroccans or foreigners who visit the region for the first time.”

The history of Ait Ben Haddou Palace a world heritage site that strengthens the Moroccan tourist offer

The regional authorities declare that they seek, in partnership with relevant actors and tourism promoters, to diversify the region’s tourism product and promote and market effectively, urging everyone to continue these efforts to enhance Ouarzazate’s position as a leading tourist destination at the national and international levels.

An association activist interested in the history of Ait Ben Haddou Palace said that this palace has become one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Morocco and perhaps in Africa, as it is one of the desired international tourist destinations, due to its ancient history and unique architectural design.

The same spokesman added, that this archaeological site attracts visitors from all over the world who come to explore this picturesque mud palace, wander through its narrow alleys, and enjoy the views of the surrounding valley. The palace also provides wonderful opportunities for photography and enjoying the original Moroccan culture and heritage.

In addition to the aesthetic beauty of the architectural palace, the Ait Ben Haddou site provides wonderful opportunities to learn about Moroccan culture and heritage and also enables visitors to visit traditional shops and handicraft workshops and enjoy the taste of local cuisine in the restaurants spread throughout the palace.

Ait Ben Haddou Palace is one of the favorite natural sites for many film directors, as several famous films were filmed in the region. Such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Gladiator” and “The Mummy”, which increased the radiance and fame of the palace and contributed to its attractiveness to international tourists.

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