The Tourism and Travel Development Classification places the Kingdom at the forefront of countries in the Maghreb region

The Tourism and Travel Development Classification places the Kingdom at the forefront of countries in the Maghreb region

May 26, 2024
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The Kingdom of Morocco ranked first in the Maghreb and 82nd globally in the Travel and Tourism Development Index (TTDI) for the year 2024, issued by the World Economic Forum in cooperation with the British University of Surrey. This was after obtaining 3.65 points, within the framework of the evaluation adopted by the index to classify 119 countries around the world.

The classification was based on several indicators distributed over five basic pillars, such as infrastructure, services, tourism resources, and the sustainability of the tourism and travel sector, thus providing a comprehensive overview of the tourism economy. Including internal and external enabling factors for the development of the tourism and travel sector, as it is a platform for decision-makers to enable them to formulate appropriate policies and procedures at the local and national levels.

Within the framework of the approved sub-indicators, the Kingdom of Morocco obtained 4.15 points within the business environment index, 5.75 points within the safety and security index, in addition to obtaining 3.65 points within the framework of the air transport and infrastructure indicators, and 2.75 within the cultural resources index.

At the level of the Middle East and North Africa region, the classification, which was based on a set of data available from a number of international organizations such as the World Tourism Organization, the Civil Aviation Organization, the International Labor Organization, the International Telecommunication Union and other organizations, placed the United Arab Emirates in first place regionally and 18th globally with a score 4.62 points, followed by Saudi Arabia, which ranked second in the region and 42nd globally after obtaining 4.23 points, while Israel ranked third in the MENA region and 48th globally.

In this regard, the World Economic Forum report stated that the Middle East and North Africa region shows a difference in performance, noting that medium economies in this region tend to bet on price competitiveness with the presence of countries that possess attractive cultural resources such as Morocco, Egypt and Iran, noting at the same time. Many countries have implemented policies and invested huge resources in developing the travel and tourism sector.

Regarding the Maghreb region, Tunisia ranked second and 83rd globally with a score of 3.60 points, followed by Algeria, which ranked 98th globally after obtaining 3.42 points in the overall assessment of the tourism and travel development index, while Libya and Mauritania were absent from the list.

Globally, the United States of America maintained its lead with 5.24 points. Likewise, Spain, Japan, and France maintained their positions after coming in second, third, and fourth place, respectively. While the countries of Mali, Sierra Leone and Cameroon were at the bottom of the list, after coming in 119th, 118th and 117th places, respectively.

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