Gnaoua and World Music Festival in Essaouira 2024: Participation of a group of the most prominent international artists and musicians in the 25th session

Gnaoua and World Music Festival in Essaouira 2024: Participation of a group of the most prominent international artists and musicians in the 25th session

June 26, 2024
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The 25th edition of the Gnaoua and World Music Festival, which will be held in Essaouira from June 27 to 29, will witness the participation of exceptional international artists and musicians who promise to ignite the stages.

A statement from the organizers stated, “This is about the first quarter-century of exclusivity, which witnessed the succession of the biggest names in jazz and world music alongside the Gnawa masters on the festival’s stages.” As every edition, and with a group of the most prominent artists expected in Morocco, the festival promises unforgettable nights during which the most beautiful and powerful voices will resonate in the corners of the City of Winds.”

The communication added that among the names that will illuminate the activities of the 25th session are BUIKA (Spain), SAINT LEVANT (Palestine), The BRECKER BROTHERS BAND REUNION (United States of America), and Bucanti ( BOKANTÉ) (USA Guadeloupe Islands).

Through flamenco, blues, jazz, oriental music, rap, rumba gitan and popular music, the festival confirms its eclectic character that has established it as a major date on the calendar of international music events.

The same source stated that the strong emotions flowing from Boyka’s hoarse voice make her one of the most prominent and famous voices in the world. An incomparably expressive sound, blending the spirit of flamenco and the depth of jazz, transcending linguistic barriers and eluding musical boundaries.

As for the rising star on the international music scene, the Palestinian rapper of mixed origins and a multi-generational audience, Saint-Levon, who creatively and uniquely blends the Arabic, English / French languages ​​in his songs. His creativity, which combines hip-hop and R&B, has achieved huge success on platforms and garnered millions of views on social media.

Programmed by Randy Brecker and his group “THE BRECKER BROTHERS BAND REUNION,” the festival welcomes one of the most important names in jazz music in the last fifty years, who, along with his late brother Michael Brecker, swept stages around the world and together permanently influenced generations of musicians.

As for the “Bocanti” group, which brings together a wonderful group of players from a variety of backgrounds, and is signed by Michael League, one of the greatest jazz players of his generation and founder of the “Snarky Puppy” group, it has a decisive advantage in that its singer, Malika Tyrolin, has an excellent mastery of the vocal requirements of jazz music and recites texts in many languages. Creole, French / English resonate with the struggles the world faces today.

The same source indicated that on the occasion of the 25th session, the Gnaoua and World Music Festival will present 53 concerts and more than 400 artists.

In the context of its keenness, as every year, to ensure an ideal balance between Gnawa teachers and world musicians, the artistic selection for the twenty-fifth session presents carefully thought-out programming, designed to satisfy all audiences, proposing a mixture of diverse musical styles and aiming to be pioneering, bold, harmonious, comprehensive, and, above all, An invitation to live a unique experience.

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