Oualidia Beach is considered a haven for tourists and vacationers to take shelter from the summer heat

Oualidia Beach is considered a haven for tourists and vacationers to take shelter from the summer heat

June 29, 2024
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Oualidia Beach is considered a national and international attraction for tourists and vacationers, due to its well-known reputation on the one hand, https://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com/tours/agadir-private-full-day-trip-from-marrakech/ and because it provides all the advantages of camping, summer vacations and recreation on the other hand.

Oualidia, which is territorially and administratively affiliated with the Sidi Bennur province, has a unique tourist site, because it is located on a hill that combines a mountain, a forest, and the sea, and its quiet lake adds beauty, splendor, and attractiveness to it, which is what prompts Moroccan and foreign tourists to flock to it on a regular basis. The name Oualidia comes back. Named after Al-Walid bin Zaidan, a sultan who ruled during the Saadian period, and the ruins of his Kasbah, which was built in 1634 in the upper northern part of the city, are still present and its protector. The population of Oualidia does not exceed 8 thousand people, according to the recent general population and housing census, and it is an agricultural area that contains what is called Al-Walaja, which is agricultural land specialized in the production of vegetables of all kinds and shapes. Its geographical location also plays a fundamental role in the flocking of vacationers to it, as it is 77 kilometers away from El Jadida, 66 kilometers from Safi, and only 74 kilometers from the capital of its province, Sidi Bennour. It is considered a sea destination that was cut off from the El Jadida region during the departure of the Sidi Bennour region from its womb in a year. 2009.

This year, Oualidia is witnessing a remarkable demand, in terms of visitors and vacationers, due to the high temperature, the quality and purity of its beach sand, and the abundance of its fish and fresh vegetables. She added that the city’s absence from the new Corona virus epidemic, helped to increase the rate of demand for its beach from inside and outside Morocco, as it is… It has a large number of foreign tourists of different nationalities. Oualidia is known for the arrival of about 30,000 cars during each weekend, which often prompts the security authorities to prevent entry to it after eleven o’clock in the morning. The strength of Oualidia is that it has a moderate climate and a very beautiful lake that attracts visitors from all over the world, in addition to its availability of excellent reception facilities, including tourist accommodations equipped with all holiday necessities, classified restaurants, children’s spaces, and green spaces, which provide its guests with comfort and relaxation, especially those arriving. Fleeing from the summer heat and the blazing sun in the cities of Marrakesh, Khouribga, Beni Mellal, Settat, Fez and Meknes.

Oualidia Beach also gives its visitors the opportunity to enjoy water sports, as they can ride traditional boats, which gives them the opportunity to take paddle trips around the lake and take advantage of the presence of water bikes, which are known to be very popular among young people. Oualidia is distinguished by its international reputation for its availability of oyster orchards. This has made it the focus of attention of marine fishing pioneers, who flock to acquire this marine product due to its unique nutritional properties that are not available in others. It is also known for its availability of a number of marine products (sea fruits), including “sea outlet”. And the “lamia”, which is an animal with two small shells, and the “stalk”, which is a tube in which there is a delicious living creature, mussels, calamari, octopus, shrimp (crovet), crab or crab (longhouse). Oualidia Beach remains one of the best beaches to visit in Morocco, with its sand, the quality of its water, and the quality of the food served in the city center at midday, including barbecue with peppers, tomatoes, and onions, tagine with meat and plums, and local bread that is prepared on embers, and then mint tea, whose scent wafts through the shops and cafes. Also, the possibility of obtaining a house for rent, available at reasonable prices, is what encourages vacationers to frequent the city every year.

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