Mawazine Festival 2024 attracts Arab song stars in Levantine programming

Mawazine Festival 2024 attracts Arab song stars in Levantine programming

June 24, 2024
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The “Mawazine…Rhythms of the World” festival will make a new comeback next June, after a hiatus that lasted more than four years due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic that struck the world and Morocco in 2020, causing the paralysis of the artistic movement in the country and the cessation of major demonstrations.

Lebanese singer and composer Marwan Khoury revealed, in a statement, that he will meet the Moroccan audience again after an absence due to the circumstances of coordinating his concerts, as his presence in the new edition of the Mawazine Festival for the year 2024 was officially confirmed.

After months of agreement and preparations, they officially contracted with a group of Arab stars expected to light up the sky of this event with international radiance, specifically the Renaissance platform, which is allocated for Levantine programming, adding that this year will bring prominent names in the sky of Arab art.

It is expected that the Egyptian singer Mohamed Ramadan will perform at a performance concert on the sidelines of the nineteenth session of this demonstration, in addition to the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram, the Yemeni-Emirati artist Balqis Fathi, the Iraqi star Majid Al-Muhandis, the Lebanese Ragheb Alama, and other names.

Regarding the Moroccan artists expected to perform artistic evenings at the festival, there are oral agreements with a group of singers, but contracts have not yet been officially signed with them in order to announce their names.

The “Mawazine…Rhythms of the World” festival, which was established in 2001 and organized under the patronage of King Mohammed VI, is an important date for music enthusiasts and lovers in Morocco, and is considered one of the largest cultural events in the world.

“Mawazine”, which is organized annually over nine days, proposes a rich programming that brings together the biggest stars of international and Arab music, and makes the cities of Rabat and Salé a stage for distinguished meetings between the public and a group of distinguished artists.

By attracting approximately 3 million audiences during its last edition in 2018, the festival has broken all records, thus consolidating its status as a global music event that provides a strong expression of the values ​​of openness and tolerance that the Kingdom cherishes.

“Mawazine” also devotes more than half of its programming to the talents of the national artistic scene, and the festival, which carries the values ​​of peace, openness, tolerance and respect, provides free access to 90 percent of its concerts, making audience access an essential task.

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