Moroccan cities between the past and the present Agadir, the capital of Souss and the city of tourism

Moroccan cities between the past and the present Agadir, the capital of Souss and the city of tourism

June 22, 2024
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The city of Agadir is considered one of the favorite tourist destinations for Moroccan and foreign tourists.

The city of Agadir is considered the capital of the Souss-Massa region, located in west-central Morocco. It was founded by the Portuguese, until the Moroccans liberated it in the year 1526 AD.

According to historical sources, the origin of the city’s name goes back to the Berber word, which means an impenetrable fortress, or a storehouse of property and grain.

The city of Agadir, located on the western coast of the Atlantic, is distinguished by its moderate weather and its 30-kilometre-long beach, which in turn is characterized by golden sand and bright sunshine throughout the year.

The city of Agadir occupies an excellent tourist position, with luxurious hotels and resorts lined up on the beach, in addition to the Moroccan architecture that distinguishes these hotels and resorts, in addition to the modern touch.

According to statistics, tourism, agriculture, fishing, and trade constitute important sources of income for the city of Agadir and contribute to creating job opportunities.

Agadir has many wonderful tourist attractions, which are visited by Moroccan and foreign tourists, the most important of which are “Agadir Oufella”, the Coast of Hope, the Valley of the Birds Park, and Agadir Park.

In February 2020, King Mohammed VI launched the Agadir Urban Development Program (2020-2024), which cost approximately 6 billion dirhams, and which aims to upgrade the city and enhance its attractiveness as a national and international tourist destination, improve the living conditions of Agadir’s residents, and strengthen… Basic infrastructure, modernization and expansion of the road network. This program also includes rehabilitating the city’s corniche, creating more green spaces, and building many nearby playgrounds.

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