How To Ride A Camel in Sahara Desert

How To Ride A Camel in Sahara Desert

December 19, 2020
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Arabian camel or dromedary has one back hump, known for their ability to go for long periods without drinking and live in desert vegetation of the Arabian country. With their humpback, the camel has an unmistakable silhouette, is about 3 meters long and 2 meters high at the hump itself 20 cm.

Where to Ride a Camel in Marrakech or Morocco:

How To Ride A Camel in essaouira beach                      How To Ride A Camel in marrakech palmerais

How To Ride A Camel in Sahara Desert                      How To Ride A Camel in Sahara Desert

• Palmeraie Marrakech
• dune adventures of the Merzouga
• dune adventures of the Zagora
• along the beaches of Essaouira

Tips and tricks for a comfortable camel ride in Morocco:

Dressing up:

How To Ride A Camel in Sahara Desert

• Wear pants and socks to protect your skin.
• A hat and sunglasses to cover your face from the sun.
• A long scarf to protect your face in case of a dust storm.
• Dust goggles, if the forecast hints at a possible sand storm.

Getting on the Hump:

Step 1: Approach the sitting camel from the side, slowly as well as confidently.

How To Ride A Camel in Sahara Desert

Step 2: Throw your leg over the middle of the humps as well as quickly mount it.

How To Ride A Camel in Sahara Desert

Step 3: Getting on the camel is the hardest part of the ride. Do it quickly and carefully, using your momentum as a guide. Then you want to be straddling the camel to keep your balance as you start riding. Once the camel stands up you can then move your legs to get extra comfortable. There will be a handle on the front of the saddle to help you hold on as you move up.

Step 4: Lean behind as the camel starts to stand


Step 5: Slowly lean front as it gets onto its front legs


Riding comfortably

Step 6: Cross your legs up on the saddle. This better distributes your weight along the humps, saving your tailbone from unnecessary discomfort.


Do not try and control the animal, camels will listen to their master, however, and follow the line in front of them. Dismount when the camel sits back down. Use the saddle handles to lean yourself up, then swing your leg over the hump to one side. You can simply jump off.

Other recommendations:

• Pack lightly for your overnight in the Sahara desert.
• Drink lots and lots of water.

Some of the dunes of Merzouga are massive and it may be a little uncomfortable to climb and descend, but as long as you hold on, you will be fine.

“Relax and enjoy the camel ride!”

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