Jet Ski is a water sport that revives the tourism and economy of the city of Agadir

Jet Ski is a water sport that revives the tourism and economy of the city of Agadir

May 21, 2024
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The city of Agadir is full of many and varied qualifications, the most prominent of which is an extended beach with a wide cornice, and very important infrastructure. Perhaps King Mohammed VI’s interest in this city has increased since his speech on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Green March, in which he considered the city of Agadir the true center of the country. The king also descended on this area, where he gave the start of the urban development plan for Agadir, including many projects that will strengthen the existing structures and make the city a prominent economic and tourist pole.

The city of Agadir, especially its beach, offers the possibility of surfing using jet skis, which is the favorite sport of King Mohammed VI. This sport attracts wide segments of practitioners, especially among children and youth, and contributes to reviving the economic and tourism movement in the city, especially during some periods that witness the organization of international competitions in this type of sport, making it one of the sports that contribute to local development.

The Moroccan Jet Ski Association in Agadir played important roles in promoting the city, based on this sport, as organized sports demonstrations and competitions attracted thousands of practitioners outside the homeland, who undoubtedly contributed to the economic movement of the city. The youth of the association also succeeded in achieving honorable ranks during international demonstrations, obtaining membership in the International Federation for this sport, and chairing the African University, in addition to international fascination with the wisdom in organization and practice, which has become closely linked to the Agadir Jet Ski Club.

Jet skiing is no longer an elite sport, as is rumored. Halim Al-Aidi, president of the Moroccan Jet Ski Association in Agadir, said that everyone can practice this sport, and the club provides training and many things after joining. He added that the hope is placed on all those involved that this sport will contribute to achieving part of the local development take-off in Agadir, in addition to the sectors and workshops that King Mohammed VI gave the order to launch within the framework of the urban development plan.

This sport entered Morocco through King Mohammed VI when he was Crown Prince, and it is a sport that he loves and practices constantly. He added that the city of Agadir has the necessary qualifications and beach infrastructure to practice this sport, in addition to the influx of large numbers of tourists obsessed with jet skis, which prompted us to delve into this experience, away from the commercial field that may be prevalent among the majority of people.

The youth of Agadir started practicing jet skiing during the school and weekly holidays, and after that, we discovered that there was a shortage and lack of awareness of this sport. After a period spent outside the homeland, I returned and submitted a request to His Majesty to establish the Moroccan Jet Ski Association in Agadir, and we became involved with the Royal University of Motors. Fire and water, and in a short time we have become a major reference in Morocco in terms of organizing sporting events for this category.

Regarding the experience of the Moroccan Jet Ski Association in Agadir, he said that this experience is pioneering at the national and African levels, noting that the Agadir club has young human qualifications, between the ages of 10 and 17 years, most notably Reda El Hamdaoui, runner-up in the Throne Cup and runner-up in the Moroccan champion. He added, “We also participate in all national events, such as the Throne Cup, and international events, such as the King of Thailand Cup.” Agadir Club is one of the leading clubs in participating and organizing sports competitions for this category.

In light of the Moroccan king giving the start of the urban development plan for the city of Agadir 2020-2024, which aims to rehabilitate the city in multiple aspects, including the tourism field, Al-Aidi believes that sports, in general, have an impact on the economy, as many countries are interested in beach sports, in addition to sports. The well-known classic, and Agadir, as a beach city, we must encourage the practice of this sport there, considering that the city ranks first in Africa in practicing “Jet Skiing”, given the high patronage enjoyed by all the demonstrations that we organized, and which witnessed significant international participation.

Although Agadir, with its diverse tourism capabilities, attracts water sports enthusiasts in general, and jet ski enthusiasts in particular, then choosing the timings of international competitions for this sport plays an important role in reviving the city’s tourism movement. We chose to organize the tournaments in November, and the tourism decline that the city is witnessing during this period is known. This contributes to moving the economic and tourism wheel in Agadir, as sports are a basic condition for tourism promotion, and the upcoming demonstrations, especially the Mohammed VI Cup next year, within the framework of international partnerships (more than 25 clubs), will contribute to reviving and promoting the destination of Agadir.

Therefore, global demonstrations are hosted by the city of Agadir in the field of jet skiing, witnessing the participation of more than 25 countries. These are very important competitions, which cannot achieve successive success except thanks to the patronage of King Mohammed VI, adding that the continued advancement of this noble sport requires Several other institutions, private and public, to support it, thus contributing to increasing the doses of tourism radiation in the city of Agadir.

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