March rains, the rains came at a sensitive time

March rains, when the prayers of those who are fasting are answered

April 7, 2024
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Ramadan is considered the month of reconciliation with the Creator, in which the mosques of the Most Gracious are filled with prayer, standing, reading the Qur’an, and asking for forgiveness day and night. This year’s month of Ramadan comes after a succession of lean years that destroyed crops and livestock, and directly and seriously affected the water bed, and the resulting water stress has mobilized the state. It made them look for immediate solutions to confront the phenomenon.

No one denies that seeking forgiveness and submitting to the Creator are among the reasons for the rain to fall, as God Almighty, Glory be to Him, said on the authority of Noah, peace be upon him: (Then I said, “Seek forgiveness of your Lord. Indeed, He is ever Forgiving and sends the heaven upon you in the rain.”)

The mercy of the Most Merciful was not delayed, as the sky quickly provided its bounties to spread to most areas and restore hope after thirst began to threaten people’s lives. The rains came at a sensitive time, as most farmers are now living in a difficult situation due to the disappearance of pasture and the high cost of fodder. However, these good rains will have a positive impact and impact, firstly, on the nutrition of water beds, and the rise in the levels of dams and rivers, and will contribute to reviving spring fallow crops of onions. Corn, olive trees, etc., not to mention providing pastures for livestock.

“Abdel Wahid Brij,” a resident of the Sidra region in the Amzoura community of the Settat province, and in a chat with Heba Press, said: “Praise be to God for his goodness and brother, winter has come without a break, but praise be to God, it will reduce the amount of fodder for the farmer a little, and tomorrow the sheep will find what they eat, thanks be to God.” God willing, there will be more water in wells and dams.”

The spokesman added that these March rains, which came at a pivotal stage, would create joy among farmers and citizens, especially “since people are experiencing harsh winters and rain these years.”

Regarding the prices of livestock in the weekly markets, Brij said: “And the eighth of my brother’s livestock is getting a lot of money, and what little kharif is left and doesn’t have 40,000 to 50,000 riyals, and what calf is left for 10,000 dirhams… it is very expensive… may God make it right and clear…

Regarding the reasons for the high cost of livestock, especially sheep, the spokesman said: The reason is mainly due to the successive years of drought, the death of many sheep, the high prices of feed, and the absence of pastures, as the herd was noticeably damaged, not to mention the high demand for red meat.

Those who follow agricultural affairs believe that the continued rainfall during March is considered a good omen for farmers, and will inevitably contribute to an increase in agricultural products, especially since the country has experienced delays in rainfall for successive years due to climate change.

Some livestock breeders also believe that the March rains will have a positive impact on livestock breeders, knowing that the sector was affected by rain delays and what the herders who were unable to provide fodder suffered, as their selling prices rose to record levels, which was reflected in the prices of red meat.

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