A list of the best tourist places in Morocco ever, highly recommended

A list of the best tourist places in Morocco ever, highly recommended

April 6, 2024
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Morocco is one of the most beautiful Arab countries and has one of the best people. The best tourist places in Morocco are diverse and abundant. Tourism in Morocco has its character and a wonderful combination of two elements, which are the natural tourism element, such as the picturesque natural landscapes in Morocco, in addition to the human, industrial tourism elements, such as hotels, archaeological and historical monuments, and the most important tourist attractions in Morocco.

Tourism in Morocco
Tourism in Morocco bears witness to itself without advertising, because the luxurious kingdom with a vibrant, ancient history succeeded in crossing the threshold of 11 million tourists in 2017, thanks to its amazing tourism diversity that gives each Moroccan city a different taste and pleasure from the other.

Thanks to its privileged location on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco has stunning beaches extending along its length. In addition, looking at the Atlas Mountains helps attract more tourists to engage in winter activities. On the other hand, the development and prosperity of the Kingdom contribute to providing arenas for practicing sports such as golf, equestrian, and hunting.

The most important tourist places in Morocco
Morocco is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in North Africa. It is distinguished by its picturesque natural diversity, rich culture, and ancient history. The Kingdom includes many cities and tourist attractions worth visiting. In this article, we will review the most important tourist places in Morocco.

Morocco is a wonderful tourist destination that combines natural beauty and rich culture. From its historic cities to its charming beaches, Morocco provides an unforgettable tourist experience. Therefore, visitors should explore these wonderful tourist places and discover the beauty of Morocco.

List of the best tourist places in Morocco
Now we mention to you the complete list first about the most beautiful tourist places in all of Morocco:

Jemaa El Fna Square
Majorelle Garden
Bahia Palace
Cave of Hercules
Cap Spartel Lighthouse
Chefchaouen city
Wataa Al-Hamam Square
Aqchour Waterfalls
Casablanca City
Hassan II Mosque
United Nations Square
Mohammed V Square
Kasbah of the Udayas
Chellah archaeological site
Mausoleum of Mohammed V
Essaouira city
Ouarzazate city
Meknes city
The old city of Tetouan
Tetouan Archeology Museum
Great Mosque
The town of Merzouga
El Jadida city
Agadir beach
Agadir Kasbah
Agadir Park
Fas city
Oukaimeden Ski Resort
Al Hoceima city
Asilah city

The most important tourist attractions in Morocco in detail:
Now, dear, let us separate the list of tourist places in Morocco after summarizing it previously.

Jemaa El Fna Square:

There are tourist places in Morocco where tourists from all over the world come to experience the distinctive traditional atmosphere of the city and mingle with its indigenous people. Snake shows by skilled magicians can be seen and traditional tattoo designs and authentic Moroccan henna can be enjoyed during the day. You can also spend unforgettable nights by trying street food in the stalls spread in the square, which serve popular dishes such as couscous and the famous Moroccan tagine with lamb, usually served with orange juice.

Majorelle Garden:

One of the favorite tourist sites in Morocco is the one that is visited by everyone who wants to spend quiet moments of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its crowding of tourists and residents throughout the year.

The Majorelle Garden

is considered a wonderful artistic painting, as there are about 300 different types of plants planted with a wonderful geometric design and amazing coordination between the small, quiet courtyards ideal for roaming and relaxing, and the paintings of the genius French artist Jacques Majorelle, which embody his artistic creativity for 40 years, and his name was chosen for the garden in appreciation of his talent.

Bahia Palace:

One of the archaeological monuments in Morocco that attracts tourists from all over the world is the royal palaces that date back to the times of the ancient kingdoms in Morocco. https://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com/tours/marrakech-city-sightseeing-tour-marrakech-city-tour/ These palaces are famous for their distinctive designs, characterized by the bright colors that cover their walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as the huge and elegant fountains that adorn their courtyards and the arches spread throughout them. As for the collectibles inside the palaces, they include artistic pieces made of wood and gypsum.

Cave of Hercules:

If you do not visit it when you travel to Morocco, you will miss many of the amazing landmarks such as the extraordinary design of the rock cave, which has dim lighting radiating from its floor, in addition to the strange cave door that resembles the drawing of the African continent on a map.

Perhaps one of the most wonderful and famous features of the cave is its magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean, which allows you to enjoy and contemplate it through the opening of the door. In addition, there is a great opportunity to visit the beautiful archaeological caves surrounding it.

According to legends, the Cave of Hercules is famous for being a place that hosted the famous Roman Emperor the moment he arrived in the city.

Cap Spartel Lighthouse

Among the unique tourist attractions in Morocco, the city of Tangier is distinguished by its traditional buildings taken from Arab and Islamic architecture, and despite its not-so-imposing height, it provides a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea and blends beautifully into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The splendor of the scene increases with the clear blue sky and the beauty of the sunset, which is considered a masterpiece.

Perhaps one of the most important things known about the lighthouse after its wonderful sea view is the adjacent café overlooking the sea, where after visiting the lighthouse you can go and enjoy your favorite drink while your eyes will never leave the Tangier sea.

Chefchaouen city:

The city of Chefchaouen, or the Blue City, as it is called by tourists and residents, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco due to its tranquility and beauty, which is evident in the blue color that covers its streets and traditional rural houses. This beauty comes in addition to its distinguished location above the famous Rif Mountains, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and within its dense green forests. You can imagine how beautiful and happy the combination of green and blue in this small city can make you feel.

During your visit to Chefchaouen, you can enjoy safari tours and camping in the mountainous and valley areas, or visit archaeological landmarks such as the Kasbah Museum, Outa El Hammam Square, and the old city with its simple neighborhoods, alleys, historical streets, and weekly market.

Wataa Al-Hamam Square:

One of the ideal tourist areas in Morocco is the area for walking, wandering, and eating popular food through the various distinct stalls or restaurants in the central square, which carries an Islamic Andalusian spirit inspired by the civilization of ancient Morocco in Andalusia.

On the other hand, for those who want a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, Watta Al-Hamam Square features a wonderful view of the mountain peaks. Visitors can calmly relax, enjoy, and unwind in front of this beautiful scenery, where they can contemplate its enchanting beauty.


One of the old museums that tells the history of Chefchaouen, which will greatly increase your happiness when you visit it on your trip to Morocco. During your tour of the museum halls, Chefchaouen will show you its most important artistic and heritage pieces through pottery, musical instruments, and handicrafts that are famous in the city and do not forget to visit the small art gallery Hosted by the Old Museum.

The Chefchaouen Kasbah is also distinguished by its ideal location in the middle of the Andalusian gardens that spread throughout the city like God’s gardens on this earth, with a stunning view of the traditional buildings and houses painted in blue, which are one of the city’s simple features.

Aqchour Waterfalls:

One of the areas in Morocco that is popular for tourism throughout the year is Akchour Falls, thanks to the beauty of its picturesque nature, which highlights the beauty of the city with its diverse colors. When you visit Akchour Waterfalls, you will feel its beauty and splendor through its clear blue water, as the city buildings appear as if they are submerged in a pure blue lake.

During your visit to the Akchour area, which is a half-hour drive from the city center, you can climb the rocky waterfalls and enjoy swimming in the pool in which the water flows and is surrounded by rocks from every direction.

You can take wonderful photos in the waterfalls area near God’s Bridge, which is an arc-shaped rock structure extending over the river.

Casablanca City:

One of the largest cities in Morocco and the most important from a financial and economic standpoint. There is no doubt that it also occupies a prominent position in the tourism sector thanks to the cultural and architectural progress it witnessed during the twentieth century. It has become similar to several Arab and European countries, as it has inspired unique features from each of them to form a unique entity in its own right. It is one of the vibrant tourist destinations.

The tourist attractions in Casablanca are characterized by a combination of the simplicity of the classical past, which is evident in its ancient and monumental approaches, historical streets, and low-rise buildings, in addition to its elegant European landmarks, with the modernity and modernity of the present, which is evident in its high-rise towers and luxury shopping centers.

Hassan II Mosque:

The Hassan II Mosque is proud to be one of the largest mosques in the world and one of the most prominent religious landmarks in Morocco, which is also famous for tourists coming from all over the world. This majestic floating mosque, which dates back to the Andalusian Islamic heritage, is considered a major tourist attraction for visitors planning tourist trips in Morocco, where they enjoy watching this magnificent structure flowing above the surface of the ocean.

The French Mosque is distinguished by its unique design, as it is 689 feet high and can accommodate 25,000 worshipers internally and 80,000 worshipers externally. https://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com/tours/casablanca-and-rabat-private-day-trip-from-marrakech/ The mosque also has a wonderful view of the blue ocean waters, as it has a roof open to the sky and glass floors that enable you to see the ocean beneath your feet.

United Nations Square:

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco is Casablanca, attracting many different tourists and local city residents. This is due to its distinguished location near shopping and entertainment centers, food courts, and cafes in the area. Casablanca is also distinguished by its direct connection to other main squares in the city.

The Place des Nations is located in the heart of the city of Casablanca and is distinguished by the presence of an iron statue of the globe in its center. It is also known for the presence of sweets and entertainment vendors who provide some entertainment for visitors.

Mohammed V Square:

This place is considered one of the wonderful tourist areas in Morocco for those who love wandering and hiking, especially at night due to the availability of bright gardens and a water fountain that enhances the atmosphere of the square with its elegance and freshness.

Mohammed V Square represents the central square in the city of Casablanca, where most of the government buildings and vital service facilities in the city are located, in addition to the headquarters of the French Consulate. It witnessed great development based on the French character at the beginning of the nineties.

Rabat City:

In Casablanca, the administrative capital of Morocco, the splendor of culture and arts is evident. The roots of its ancient history go back to the twelfth century, and it is characterized by many archaeological monuments that attract tourists from all over the world to explore its beauty on a tourist trip to Morocco.

During your visit to Rabat, you can visit the gates of the ancient city known as the Babes of the Udayas and Babes Rouah, and enjoy the wonderful art exhibitions that are held in them. In addition, you can visit the huge Almohad wall, which contains 74 towers and five gates. There is also the cave of Dar al-Sultan and the cemetery of al-Rawazi, which dates back to the Stone Age and contains human fossils and amazing pieces of ceramic and ivory art. You can also meet Moroccan craftsmen at the Museum of Popular Arts and discover the collections of museums such as the Museum of Antiquities, the Udaya Museum, and other amazing museums in this historic Moroccan city.

Kasbah of the Udayas:

Among the prominent tourist sites in Morocco, Rabat comes with its ancient heritage, which contains the history of the city’s emergence, such as its oldest buildings and gates. Rabat Castle is distinguished by its charming view of the clear sea and picturesque river while providing quiet corridors for wandering and exploring the old streets and alleys and colorful houses decorated with blue and white colors.

Chellah archaeological site:

One of the archaeological heritage sites that should not be missed during tourism in Morocco is an abandoned old city surrounded by forts and walls, dating back to the Middle Ages, and it feels as if it is hiding in the heart of Rabat, just as an ostrich hides its head in the sand.

When you walk around Chellah, you will be amazed by the ruins of Roman and Islamic buildings dating back to the inhabitants of the old city, abandoned since the 12th century, and then notice the touches of Sultan Mernain who later ordered its renovation.

Chellah also features beautiful hiking trails among the historic buildings, large trees, fragrant flowers, and fascinating wildlife that characterize the city.

Mausoleum of Mohammed V:

One of the famous tourist places in Morocco is crowded with tourists of different nationalities and religions and attracts their attention to the creative design of the cemetery, which embraces the body of Sultan Muhammad V and his sons. The tomb is distinguished by its bright white color and golden roof, with wonderful carvings and decorations.

This site is mainly distinguished by the fact that it is located in front of the Hassan Tower, which was scheduled to be built as a minaret for a mosque to commemorate the Moroccan ruler Yacoub al-Mansur, but it was not completed and was subsequently turned into a tourist destination.

The square in the tower attracts the attention of many tourists who come from different places to visit it and take a tour of the cemetery during their tourist trip in Morocco, specifically in the heart of the capital, Rabat.

Essaouira city:

Not far from Marrakesh, Essaouira is located on the Pacific coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is a beautiful oasis. Tourists come to this city to enjoy tranquility and relaxation away from the noise of major cities crowded with visitors.

The city is characterized by important tourism advantages that include culture and history. https://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com/tours/shared-day-trip-to-essaouira-from-marrakech/ The city was influenced by the succession of many civilizations such as the Romans, Portuguese, Jews, and Europeans, which led to a great diversity of architecture and civilization.

In Morocco, the quiet city of Essaouira is the most charming. Colorful fishing boats cruising on the surface of the water, stately old castle walls, and smooth lanes in the old town make Essaouira a joy to wander around and enjoy exploring.

There’s a decent food scene here, with a delicious selection of interesting seafood on restaurant menus as well as great local coffee. For those looking for action-packed attractions, there are also wonderful walks along the beach to remote villages and the chance to go surfing on the beach.

Ouarzazate city:

Deep in the Moroccan desert, close to the Atlas Mountains, the city of Ouarzazate was established on a large plateau in the desert. The city holds international fame as it has been used as a filming location for several Hollywood films in its surrounding villages, due to the unique architectural design of its houses that give the impression of being transported to bygone eras.

Ouarzazate is one of the amazing destinations in Morocco that offers a wide range of activities that you can do that will completely occupy your time. https://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com/tours/ouarzazate-ait-benhaddou-private-day-trip-from-marrakech/ The name of the city means “Gate of the Desert” and it is the last city before the beginning of the desert.

It is also a site for American film production and includes one of Morocco’s largest studios. The city of Ouarzazate has many tourist attractions to visit, such as the Kasbah markets, souks, museums, film studios, rivers, and the historical neighborhoods of Taourirt and Tasomat.

Meknes city:

The city of Meknes is located in central Morocco and is one of the four imperial cities in the kingdom. Meknes is an ideal choice for visitors wishing to explore Morocco’s historical heritage. Meknes was the capital of the Kingdom in the seventeenth century, and this period was distinguished by the construction of most of its landmarks.

This country is distinguished by its Arab-Islamic urban character, as tourists must stop in Meknes to make a trip to Volubilis, the most famous Roman site in Morocco.

However, those who choose to stay in the city will be rewarded. The tourist attractions of Meknes are characterized by a unique charm, as there is an old city crowded with residents.

The majestic gate of Bab el-Mansour is another attraction. In addition to a tour of the Volubilis ruins, another popular thing to do here is to take a day trip to the holy town of Moulay Idriss, which was founded in 788 AD and bears its name after the righteous saint who descends from the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. He was the first Taliban to enter Morocco and founded the Idrisid state in Meknes.

The old city of Tetouan:

Among the landmarks that you should not miss during your tourist tour in the Kingdom of Morocco and your visit to the city of Tetouan, the museum displays a collection of precious artifacts that tell the history of the city from the Roman period until the modern era.

Great Mosque:

Among the main religious sites in the city of Tetouan that tourists should visit when coming to Morocco is the famous mosque. Tourists of different religions and nationalities flock to enjoy the distinctive Islamic aesthetic of its mosque and the splendor of its design, which consists of a rectangular building with two huge columns. In addition, it features a fountain-like ablution basin that takes the shape of an eight-pointed star and is located in the center of the Grand Mosque’s square, which covers an area of up to 1,500 square meters.

The town of Merzouga:

It is a small city located in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, near the Algerian border. Known as the Erg Chebbi Gate, it is a wide area of dunes north of the city.

In the west of Merzouga, we find what is known as “Daya Sergi”, which is a seasonal salt lake that often dries up in the summer. When the lake is full, it attracts a wide range of migratory and desert birds, such as desert warblers and occasionally flamingos.

If you are a desert lover, the city of Merzouga will give you a unique and unforgettable experience in the desert. https://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com/tours/merzouga-3-days-desert-tour-from-marrakesh/ The desert can be explored by camel tour, by 4×4 vehicle, or even on foot or by quad biking. Mingle with the locals on a city tour and discover some of the sights like Marrakesh and the Laon Art Gallery.

The experience of camping in Erg Chebbi under the stars is unforgettable. In addition, many other activities can be enjoyed in Merzouga, such as sandboarding and exploring the town’s wonderful local cuisine.

El Jadida City:

The new city is considered a coastal city located on the Atlantic side of the Kingdom of Morocco and is located 106 kilometers south of the city of Casablanca in the Doukkala-Abda region.

Its population exceeds about 195 thousand individuals. The old city of El Jadida stands out from the sea with a “non-Western” appearance, with massive Portuguese walls made of hewn stone.

Although El Jadida may not be at the top of the list of places mentioned when it comes to people planning their vacation in Morocco, this quiet coastal city has multiple advantages. It is distinguished by its ancient history, beautiful beaches, and intimate and lively atmosphere in the summer.


The city of Agadir in Morocco is considered one of the most beautiful cities ever, based on its charming coastal landscape and the pleasant moderate climate that persists throughout most months of the year. This makes it an ideal tourist destination that invites tourists from all over the world to visit Morocco and spend their annual vacations there, especially in the winter when the climate becomes more pleasant.

Because of its nature, which makes it an attractive holiday destination, https://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com/tours/agadir-private-full-day-trip-from-marrakech/ it was logical to have luxury hotels and resorts that reflect Moroccan culture and history in their designs and décor while taking into account a modern touch.

In terms of entertainment, Agadir provides its visitors with various opportunities to practice sports activities such as golf, equestrian, and tennis. It is distinguished from the rest of the cities of Morocco by its unique treatments using sea water or what is called “thalassotherapy”.

Agadir beach:

This tourist resort is considered one of the most important holiday destinations in Morocco, where tourists can enjoy tranquility and relaxation in front of the turquoise blue waters, soft golden sand, and gentle sunshine, thanks to the suitable climate there. Visitors also have the opportunity to rent boats and yachts and enjoy wonderful cruises after the yacht marina was renovated on the most famous beaches in the city and in the entire country.

Agadir Kasbah:

One of the most important monuments in Morocco that you can visit during your trip to Agadir is the Kasbah of Agadir. They are just walls and ramparts that are the remains of sea defense forts dating back to the 16th century from the era of the ancient city. The Kasbah of Agadir is distinguished by its elevated position, which provides a wonderful panoramic view of the city and the ocean coast, making it a great place to take photos.

Agadir Park:

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Morocco for family tours with children during the day and at night is the idyllic promenade dotted with palm trees and extending along the Agadir Corniche near the main beach. The park includes a large area that includes many restaurants, cafes, and shops. In addition, there is an area designated for children’s games and entertainment activities for all ages, especially at night.

Fas city:

One of the oldest and largest cities in Morocco dates back to the Idrisid era in the eighth century AD, where most of the heritage monuments that the city now contains were built, in addition to the Marinid period. Among these well-known landmarks are mosques such as the Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque, and schools such as the Al-Attarine, Al-Qarawiyyin, and Ben Youssef schools, as well as the city walls and its eight gates, famous for their arches and decorations engraved on them.

The city is geographically located on the banks of the Fez River, and it is full of many sources, springs, and waterfalls emanating from its rocks, which eventually flow into the Sioux River, making it a charming and unique experience to enjoy the stunning views, take beautiful pictures, and enjoy a wonderful river trip.

Oukaimeden Ski Resort:

It is the main resort for skiing in Morocco and includes twenty tracks designated for all levels. It is located in the High Atlas Mountains, about 80 kilometers from the city of Marrakesh in the Al Haouz Governorate. The ski season lasts for four months, from December to March.

Have you ever experienced how it feels to be 2,600 meters above the Sahara desert, wearing ski clothes and equipment? This means you are definitely in Oukaimeden! It is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature in Morocco.

Nestled in the peaks of the Atlas Mountains and considered the highest ski resort in all of Africa, Oukaimeden is only 45 miles from Marrakesh, making it a convenient place to escape the North African heat.

The resort includes five individual ski areas, a group of chairlifts, and a ski school. In addition, you can hike and enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Attar. If you are looking for a quiet place to get away from anxiety and stress, tourism in Oukaimeden is all you need.

Al Hoceima City:

The Mediterranean Sea is characterized by its blue color, the calm waves, and the beautiful coastlines that form the coast of one of the most beautiful bays in Morocco: this is the landscape that Al Hoceima offers.

You can relax on a chair at one of the many nearby beaches to enjoy the golden rays under endless blue skies.

However, Al Hoceima is not just a tourist destination, its hinterland contains treasures that adventurers and explorers adore. Near the fishing village of Torres de Alcala outside the city, you can find the remains of five guard towers built by the Portuguese when they occupied that area.

Nowadays, the location is ideal for hiking and can satisfy lovers of ancient architecture. In the same city, one finds oneself breathtaking in front of the port, and I would like to consider this place carefully. As you wander and explore there, you will be impressed by the dock and the sight of the fishermen at work.

Asilah city:

Asilah is a city located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, south of Tangier. The old town is surrounded by walls and gates that date back to the 15th century and were magnificently built by the Portuguese occupation.

In the center of the old city, there are distinguished artistic institutions, distinguished by their walls decorated with beautiful drawings. In addition, a wonderful international cultural event called the Asilah Season is held annually.

The exhibition venues include the Hassan II International Conference Center and the Raissouni Palace, which dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. The authentic Medina is a charming and fortified destination in the northwest of Morocco, a small, bright, and modern oasis that combines the atmosphere of Portugal with Moroccan traditions.

It is possible to explore this city decorated with stunning works of art on foot in a single day, although its size does not diminish its magnificence.

After the article, we hope that our words will be successful and useful about the most important tourist places in Morocco. We also mentioned in our humble article the best Moroccan tourist cities and the best places and tourist attractions in Morocco that suit everyone. Finally, we hope that you will write us comments about this article below, and wait for everything new from us about the tourist attractions of Morocco, the Arab countries, and the whole world.

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