Merzouga Desert ranks Morocco among the third most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

Merzouga Desert ranks Morocco among the third most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

May 18, 2024
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The sands of Arg Chebbi in eastern Morocco were able to gain a prestigious position within the global tourism scene, after the Tight Out platform, which specializes in travel and tourism news, ranked it third among the 30 most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. The site conducted this survey based on contributors who visited the 30 destinations and edited clippings. Briefly about it, it was collected in order to form pictures of these tourist destinations.

While the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro ranked first, followed by Iceland, the Moroccan sands of Erg Chebbi came next. Jeremy Flint, who visited the region and introduced it, said that these sands confirm Morocco’s possession of some of the most beautiful deserts in the world, adding that these dunes allow for views of… Amazing golden sand that gradually changes shape and reaches a height of 300 meters, while extending over a distance of 28 kilometers in the heart of the desert.

The international traveler Flint, a contributor to the Time Out platform, reported that he made a trip through the desert on camel back and spent a night under the stars in the company of the Berbers of the region. He added: The next morning, I woke up early to climb the nearest sand dune and saw the sunrise that will stay with me forever. A day of rest in the sands of “Erg Chebbi” constitutes a wonderful view and a unique experience.

In response to the classification, a tourism activist in the region said that this classification of the Erg Chebbi sands is objective, because the logic of things requires recognizing that what this desert offers touristically has a legal competitiveness that cannot be underestimated, explaining that many trips may come directly from abroad, heading exclusively to the desert. , in support of those statements related to services, which were perpetuated by foreigners around the region.

The tourism actor, stressed that the Merzouga desert provides a unique combination of the duality of authenticity and modernity. This is in order for the tourism offer to be consistent with foreign demand, given that the main customer in the desert is the external tourist, but without marginalizing the role of part of internal tourism, highlighting that accommodation services, in turn, try to preserve the ancient culture of the region, as well as to provide overnight accommodation. In conditions that belong to all conditions of modernity.

The tourism actor mentioned, in his speech, that the golden sands of the Erg Chebbi dunes are clean and pleasing to the eye with their graded levels, and they are actually considered among the beautiful deserts around the world, stressing that the activities practiced in the desert in turn will be decisive in this classification; Because it allows a kind of adventure, such as riding bicycles or four-wheel drive cars. These dunes also constitute a spacious space for mechanical sports and rallying.

The resident of the region stated that what gives strength to tourism services in Asmar is the values of generosity, because the tourism investment construction in the region was based on cultural foundations rather than economic or market in the reciprocal sense, while emphasizing that this fact does not completely cancel the reciprocal framework, explaining that the degree of openness that characterizes it The population presents a different perception of what a casual visitor to the region might think, as when he comes he finds a kind of welcome that is rooted in tourism services and in the logic of thinking of investors in the region, as the tourist is considered first a guest and then a customer.

The declarant stated that the possibility of capturing sunrise and sunset, the values of travel that have remained present, the activities of riding camels, spending the night in desert tourist camps, gathering around the fire to dance at night, etc., are all elements that still frame a form of curiosity that forms among visitors, and makes the passion accompany these visits that are revitalized. Doubly so in the winter and spring seasons, highlighting that calm, reassurance, and security, in turn, will be things taken into consideration by this classification.

The tourism actor did not miss talking about the nature of desert tourism, as it is not similar to city tourism. Each has its own characteristics and advantages, but the desert represents an unfamiliar world that is not available in many countries around the world, so today Merzouga has become a global destination, and many agencies around the world are interested in showcasing it, concluding that the capabilities available to the people of the region in terms of accepting and integrating the other represent alone a spontaneous tourist service. It will raise the tourism status of the Asmara Desert and Morocco in general.

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