Kasbah Ait Benhaddou places Morocco among the 20 most beautiful tourist villages in the world

Kasbah Ait Benhaddou places Morocco among the 20 most beautiful tourist villages in the world

May 17, 2024
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The Moroccan village of Ait Ben Haddou in the Ouarzazate province was able to reserve a place on the list of the 20 best and most beautiful villages across the world with a touristic and historical character, especially since its name reached global horizons after it became famous for tourist activities that combine heritage tourism and cinema tourism.

The Moroccan Kasbah in the southeast of the Kingdom ranked twelfth out of twenty villages (TOP 20 the prettiest villages in the world), according to what was reported by the international website (Timeout), which specializes in travel and tourism news, based on what experts from (Farway Furniture) concluded. They studied the characteristics and advantages of these villages and polled the public’s opinions via the Instagram platform.

The village is famous for its historical edifice that combines the fragrant history and the beauty of nature. https://gomarrakechdeserttrips.com/tours/marrakech-to-ait-benhaddou-and-ouarzazate-day-tour/ It is none other than Ait Benhaddou Palace, located in the Ait Zeinab community southeast of the Kingdom. It has also previously been classified as one of the most prominent historical palaces in the World Heritage List of Humanity of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 1987, as an example of an authentic Moroccan architectural edifice.

The same source commented: As expected, these classified villages are extremely popular with tourists, recommending that those wishing to visit them do so when it is not the peak season. He added, in a comment accompanying the classification and the full list: However, with or without the crowd of visitors and tourists, each of these tourist villages is worth more than just postcards.

According to the same classification, famous villages in European countries dominated the list, with 12 villages in the Old Continent, out of 20, sweeping the aforementioned classification.

And in the details: Italy got three places on the list, while two villages from France and two villages from the United Kingdom ranked highly. As for the coastal village in Santorini, Greece, it ranked third among the most beautiful in the world.

A tourism activist in the Ouarzazate province confirmed that the aforementioned classification of the village and the historic Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou will increase its radiance as a historically well-known tourist destination among tourists visiting the Kingdom, specifically the southeastern regions.

The Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, which was initially just a transit site, actually became very famous after it was classified as a UNESCO heritage site in the late 1980s, but its added value among tourist destinations with cultural dimensions will increase after this classification.

The Kasbah has undergone very important works in the past few years that have contributed positively to preserving, enhancing, and rehabilitating it. It also now has accommodations and hotels designated for tourists, which increases the number of nights spent in the region, pointing out that “filming of Moroccan or foreign films has not stopped in landmarks.” Heritage included in the village of Ait Benhaddou, despite the pandemic situation that reduced the number of visitors before it rebounded this year.

It is noteworthy that the region still attracts the interest of Moroccan and foreign tourists due to its antiquity and splendid design. It is also one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Ouarzazate province and the south-east in general, through the Kasbah’s distinctive location at the bottom of a large plateau overlooking a river and topped by a tower that was designated for guarding.

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