The archaeological site of Chellah is preparing to open its doors after 4 years of closure

The archaeological site of Chellah is preparing to open its doors after 4 years of closure

April 11, 2024
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The archaeological site of Chellah will appear before its visitors at the end of this year, with a new look after its management was given over to the Foundation for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the City of Rabat. It will be equipped to provide a range of services to its visitors while working to organize a group of cultural performances inside this historical landmark.

After a partial closure of this historical landmark that lasted for more than four years for reasons related mainly to the spread of the Coronavirus, it is expected that this site will be reopened during the last semester of 2024.

An official source revealed to Al-Amq that work will be done to build a restaurant and a café inside the archaeological site, not to mention presenting presentations telling about the history of Chellah, and the institution will also be responsible for its revenues. Read more:

The same source explained that the responsible authority will provide tour guides, to introduce visitors to the place, its historical story, and its civilization, especially since this landmark is one of the oldest historical cities in Morocco.

He continued: In the future, Shalla will organize an annual activation program that will be circulated, to inform those wishing to visit this place of the program for the entire year.

The Al-Aqma source stressed that preserving and valuing the heritage of the place remains the responsibility of the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication, noting that this step came as a result of a cooperative partnership between the Ministry and the state.

Chellah is an archaeological jewel that sparkles in the heart of the Moroccan capital, Rabat. This archaeological site also embodies a journey through time, carrying within it the fragrance of the civilizations that came to Morocco, from the Phoenicians to the Romans, all the way to Islam.

Chellah is classified on the UNESCO World Heritage List and represents a prominent destination for tourists from Morocco and abroad. The park in Chellah can see the remains of the ancient city, including temples, tombs, and houses, which reflect the intermingling of civilizations and their influence on the architecture of the site. Its most important landmarks are the Marinid tombs, Phoenician ruins, and Roman ruins.

Thanks to the restoration of the archaeological site of Chellah, it has once again dazzled visitors from inside and outside Morocco, as the number of visitors to Chellah has increased significantly, reaching 240,000 visitors in 2019, according to what its governor, Mustafa Ramadani, previously stated, and it is expected that the numbers will see more. It will rise as restoration work continues and new facilities are created.

It is worth noting that the Foundation for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the City of Rabat works as a catalyst towards the competent authorities (central administration, local and decentralized authorities, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations) in terms of preserving and enhancing the cultural heritage of Rabat. It is also keen to encourage and adopt a participatory approach with representatives of civil society and experts. International and national in various heritage fields.

Accordingly, the Foundation works to track and enhance cooperation between actors concerned with heritage preservation, as well as to raise awareness, promote, and evaluate the state of cultural heritage preservation. It also seeks to devote and transfer the tangible and intangible historical, architectural, and artistic values associated with the cultural heritage of Rabat.

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