The city of Chefchaouen tempts Spanish tourists to spend the “Semana Santa” holiday.

The city of Chefchaouen tempts Spanish tourists to spend the Semana Santa holiday.

April 11, 2024
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Every year, during the past two weeks, thousands of Spanish tourists flocked to Chefchaouen to spend the Semana Santa holiday, which ended yesterday, Sunday, March 31.

Spanish tourists, whether through family delegations or individually via tour company buses, choose the destination of the city of Chefchaouen as a space of peace and tranquility to enjoy its atmosphere and cultural landmarks and taste the dishes of its restaurants, especially since it has witnessed heavy rainfalls in recent days that have increased its radiance.

Most of the tourist areas, including Wata Hammam Square, Ras El Ma Park, Bouzaafar Mosque Hill, and many of the alleys and ancient paths of the Blue Jewel, witnessed a noticeable movement of tourists in a special Ramadan atmosphere.

Fernando Jiménez, a Spanish tourist whom Hespress met, considered the city of Chefchaouen to be one of his favorite destinations, due to its wonderful tourist atmosphere, the diversity of the architectural and natural products, and the multiplicity of alleys that lead you intimately to another.

In a statement to the electronic newspaper Hespress, the Spanish tourist himself stressed that this situation constitutes an important factor in discovering the entire ancient city in a short time. For her part, another Spanish tourist named Alameda Franca confirmed that Chefchaouen remains one of the tourist cities she visits yearly with her friends, to enjoy the distinct spring atmosphere. She is thankful for the positive treatment of its residents who welcome everyone.

Notably, the Semana Santa holiday, or what is known as Holy Week or Holy Week, is an annual Catholic celebration in which processions are held in most streets of Spanish cities, especially in the Andalusia region.

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