There is a huge demand for the Ourika area coinciding with the Eid holiday

There is a huge demand for the Ourika area coinciding with the Eid holiday

April 14, 2024
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The heat witnessed by the city of Marrakesh during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, and the extension of the latter over five days, contributed to the departure of a large number of the city’s residents and tourists, who found themselves unable to bear this very high temperature, to the mountainous areas spread out on the outskirts of the town, especially the tourist area of Ourika, which It is considered the closest to it.

Dozens of Moroccan and foreign tourists could not bear this excessive temperature. Hence, the mountains and various natural areas became a haven for all those wishing to relax and flee the strong and very hot sun. The Ourika region turned into a destination for domestic and foreign tourism as well, as several people came to it. A large number of expatriates seek to live peaceful and enjoyable moments away from the noise, bustle, and heat of the city.

The Ourika tourist area is known for its moderate and distinguished weather, which provides comfort and tranquility, in addition to its distinctive natural atmosphere, which it provides for visitors to spend their vacations among the embrace of greenery and the flowing waters of those multiple waterfalls, numbering seven, that distinguish the region and give it that picturesque aesthetic and that moderate weather that… Everyone is looking for him.

The Ourika tourist area is considered one of the most popular tourist places where you can find all nationalities and is accepted by individuals of all ages, especially since it is only a few kilometers away from the city of Marrakesh, which facilitates the process of reaching it in a short time, spending the most wonderful times, and then returning in the evening to Marrakesh. Without difficulty or trouble.

The region also provides accommodation for all visitors, as it offers them furnished apartments and traditional Berber houses, which are usually popular with foreign tourists, in addition to the availability of tourist accommodations and various hotels, between classified and traditional Berber.

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